Personal Growth

And Communal Spiritual Learning

As it says in the name, open-mindedness is certainly a key value in our coven. All ideas, topics, and perspectives are welcome and will be discussed openly and on a platform of mutual respect and a willingness to disagree. There is no censorship in this space, and the only intolerance found within is of intolerance itself (for the sake of tolerance to be preserved). We also discourage heavily any kind of persistent or unhealthy delusional mindsets. This is not a coven for the easily offended, but rather for those who easily offend.

Those who are interested in joining in-person events (as marked on the calendar) at our covenstead near Charleston, WV, please reach out to us to discuss the possibility at There is no requirement to participate to join our servers, our public rituals, or get to know us. Almost everything we do is free and open to the public. Much of our membership is online and remote participation is welcome. Check out our calendar for upcoming events.

Our rituals are largely Wiccan in theme, though at times more eclectic, even delving into chaos witchcraft. We work with a balance of light, dark, and chaos energy sources in ritual, calling upon many forms of divinity at different times suiting the occassion. We all have our own beliefs and personal practices, and each of us is seeking knowledge, betterment, and the ability to lead. Please email us with interest in joining as an acolyte or leader (for those with past experience, you do not need to start over, just certify your knowledge to join), and see our courses page if you are a beginner or would like a more formal learning track.

Also follow us on Tumblr for the latest updates from our coven and covenstead, and subscribe on YouTube for the latest content! Also purchase a copy of Open Minded Wicca: A 101 Textbook for guided self-learning and a more in-depth look into the Open Minded philosophy. All of our members adhere to the Open Minded Creed.


Lady Victoria Tehilah Firewind

Daughter of the Southern Winds, Elder High Priestess

Lady Tehilah is an ecclectic witch from the Philadelphia area, born and raised in the Appalachians. She hails from Druish and Heathen roots on her father's side and Semetic roots on her mom's. Tehilah was not raised religious, and grew up atheist, with interests primarily in the physical sciences. In her late teen years, she began to study Taoism quite rigorously. In this pursuit, the mysteries called to her, and throughout the subsequent years, she proceeded to learn and practice many arts from around the world and to experience many religions through strict adherence to the tenets and practices of each in turn.

Lady Tehilah is an experienced chaos magician, having performed magic of this nature intuitively for as long as she can remember. She is also a mediumm and an empath, and her thirst for knowledge and self improvement are never thoroughly quenched. Lady Tehilah settled on Wicca as a religious path 7 years ago, spending a great deal of time practicing solitarily before attending classes with many prominent covens in a variety of different lineages. Despite having a distinctly British Traditional Wiccan feel to her practices, her use of non-standard energies and openness to other religious influences makes her coven very eclectic.

At some point on her path, Lady Tehilah realized every path ultimately leads to divinity, even no path at all, so long as one is attentive and diligent in pursuing knowledge and truth. She holds dear the idea that love is what unites us all and what allows us to transcend our own personal experiences to find unity and higher truth.


lady tehilah

Ogonslav Firewind

Guardian of the Southern Watchtower, High Priest

HP Ogonslav was born in Russia, and adopted at 18 months by an American Family. His early childhood was spent in Texas, and he grew up in Las Vegas for 20 years. He now resides in the Philadelphia area, but the desert is strong within him, and he loves warm weather and gardens that get full sun most of all.

HP Ogonslav was raised in a strict Southern Baptist household, eventually attending a pastoral ministry college to appease the wishes of his parents. However, at some point during his attendance, it came as a revelation to him that the Christian community was just not a good fit. Instead he sought after other paths, mostly in accordance with his occult tendencies. Eventually he stumbled upon Wicca, practicing solitarily for several years before finding the Coven of the Open Mind. His personal practices have always been very traditional and formal, and he is deeply religious. Ogonslav is a healer and a grower and a keeper of the wisdom of the earth, influenced heavily by his shamanic heritage. His divine self extends from deep, deep within the soil, and grounding is his greatest strength.

Through past life regression, Ogonslav recalled myriad past lives, realizing that his embodied existence goes back many eons. HP Ogonslav has been a witch or spiritual leader of some form in almost all of his past lives, with great capacity for working with life energy and healing. He is a seasoned psionics and energy manipulation practitioner, having studied these arts for many years. He is a Certified Herbalist and Reiki Master.